KITLIST: My Top 3 Powder Contour Products (available in Oz!)

Whether you prefer to create some subtle cheekbones or go all Kim Kadashian on your face, these are my top picks for powder contours to suit every budget!

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KITLIST: Body Scrubs & Moisturisers

For many, Winter weather means Winter skin – flaky, cracked, rough, dull skin. For me, as a three-time user of Roaccutane, come Winter my skin still suffers from the after-affects of the medication, despite the many years that have passed since actually taking the meds.

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kitlist: 5 makeup brushes every girl has to have

So, want to be kind to your skin and apply your makeup like a pro? Here’s my list of the five brushes every girl has to have in her makeup kit. They are also the ones I use, love and can’t live without!

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