Your go-to step-by-step guide to achieving an on fleek winged liner!

What a little bugger this makeup trend is. I hardly ever do it on myself because 1. It always runs me late! And 2. It tends to go oh-so wrong (too thick, too long, too messy, too what the hell have I just done). We know the rules: NEVER wing when you’re strapped for time. NEVER wing for an event if you don’t usually wing. BUT, then there are those random days you look in the mirror and convince yourself, Hey I can wing it, it can’t be that hard… *Instant regret.. Start again* So, when I do have the time to attempt a winged liner (and create makeup magic), I feel like I’m the best MUA God ever created with magical makeup powers ✨ Over the years I’ve perfected my technique, so it’s actually not so hard these days. There are a few rules to follow. Let me share them with you – I hope they help you to apply a wing with confidence!

How-To: Winged Eyeliner by Simone Lee Brennan, Makeup Artist Sydney & Melbourne


So, my first little secret weapon is… A tissue. Learnt this trick from another pro MUA at one of her Masterclasses! I’ve been doing it for years! Perfect the angle of your wing by placing a folded tissue in line with the direction of your lower lash line and use a pencil (a sharpened black or white eyeliner will do) to ‘stencil’ out the wing. For a natural looking wing, the end of the flick should go no further than your crease line. Softly draw the line where your wing should go, on both eyes, and check the evenness and length in the mirror before using the actual liquid liner product. This will make the process so much easier! 

HOW-TO: Step-By-Step Winged Eyeliner by Simone Lee Brennan, Makeup Artist Sydney & Melbourne


So, once you’ve got your wing stenciled out, it’s time for the real deal *and breathe*. First things first – matte down your eyelid using your face powder, giving the eyeliner something to stick to. (You can prime as well if you own one). Looking straight into the mirror, use small strokes to create a thin line across the lash line. Apply your product of choice completely horizontal to the lash line (to ensure it goes on thin) opposed to slightly vertical. I start in the middle of the eye and work my way out, then from the inner corner back to the middle. Small strokes is key here, blinking in between strokes!
Now simply trace over that line you created with your pencil so that your wing is now looking super thin.

Next, looking into the mirror, tilt your head back. Change the direction of your pen – you want to work from the outside in. Remember, keep your product completely horizontal. Join the tip of your wing to the centre of your lash line (small strokes again!) and then colour in your wing back and forth until it’s jet black.
Use a black pencil liner on the upper lash line to. Coat your lashes in mascara (I do three coats, leaving a minute drying time in between). Once dry, it’s time to do your base. And of course, practise, practise, practise!

HOW-TO: Winged Eyeliner by Simone Lee Brennan, Makeup Artist Sydney & Melbourne


Product notes: Pencil Liner – Designer Brands  |  Eyeliner – Burberry |  Mascara – Volumising Mascara in Black by YSL  |  Base (post eyeliner) – Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue available at MECCA applied with Real Techniques Face Expert Brush

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