NEED TO KNOW: Married At First Sight Wedding Day Makeup Tutorial

When I got the call to say I’d be marrying a stranger at first sight four weeks out from the big day, one of the first things I thought of was, “What am I going to do about my skin?” Taking my chances to find love with a stranger was certainly a risk, but baring my skin on national television – well, this would be the biggest risk of them all.

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kitlist: 5 makeup brushes every girl has to have

So, want to be kind to your skin and apply your makeup like a pro? Here’s my list of the five brushes every girl has to have in her makeup kit. They are also the ones I use, love and can’t live without!

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need to know: how to clean your makeup brushes

One task I beg my clients to do regularly is clean their makeup brushes – it’s so important! And if you’re prone to breakouts, it’s even more critical to stay on top of it. With as little as one use, makeup, oil, dirt, dead skin cells and, of course, bacteria, make themselves a little home within the bristles of your makeup brushes, anxiously waiting to transfer germs to your face.

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