Married At First Sight

ADULT ACNE: Why I am talking about it

“I’ve had emails from young girls, as young as eleven… I’ve had people tell me they’re suicidal…” Why I am talking about the one thing I never, ever wanted to bring light to.

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ADULT ACNE: Please, take my scars – Part 1

Yes, I was young, but I was certainly old enough to know better. I knew in the moment I shouldn’t do it, but I did it anyway – I squeezed.

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ADULT ACNE: My Cleansing Regime

Following on from my previous post about the importance of good skincare, I would like to share with you ALL the products that make up my morning and evening cleansing regime. These are products that have either been recommended for me specifically, or products that simply reacted well with my skin and I’ve stuck to!

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