ADULT ACNE: My First Acne Scar Treatment – Skin Needling

So, last week I had my first acne scar treatment at Next Of Skin for Automated Micro-Needling. It’s been one week since the procedure and I can confidently say, I have already seen an improvement in the condition of my skin!

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ADULT ACNE: Why I am talking about it

“I’ve had emails from young girls, as young as eleven… I’ve had people tell me they’re suicidal…” Why I am talking about the one thing I never, ever wanted to bring light to.

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Adult Acne: Initial Consult For Scarring Treatment

Last week, I made an appointment at a boutique skin care clinic. Now that my skin is (finally!) clear of acne, I wanted to speak to a skin expert about my options to treat the scars on my face.

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